Zombie Spring Breakers (Movie Review)

Making its way into the hearts, or in this case brains, of zombie fans the world over, Zombie Spring Breakers, originally titled Ibiza Undead, is one of the newest additions in the world of the living dead. Not like the original ghoulish zombie films from the late, great George A. Romero, but it is still an entertaining flick worth watching. 

Having exclusively premiered at Cinemark Theaters across the USA on November 2, 2017 through The Asylum, Zombie Spring Breakers is the creation of Writer/Director Andy Edwards (Three’s a Shroud 2012, Grindsploitation 2016). More along the lines of a Horror Comedy, as one can probably tell from the title, it has a quirky sense of humor, gruesome laughs, and witty comebacks that are sure to be a hit with Horror movie fans.

Zombie Spring Breakers still.

With an original storyline and beach front locations, it is the perfect setting for a zombie flick full of catastrophe and laughter. Following a group of young people making their way to Ibiza to have the ultimate holiday, all seems great until their vacation plans turn deadly as they run into some not so friendly tourists.

Now, one of the most cliché Horror movie plots has to do with a group of kids going off in search of the epic adventure, but they almost always reach an untimely death due to some horrible accident or crazy ax murderer. That in mind, there is reason to doubt yet another zombie film of this style. Rest assured though, Zombie Spring Breakers fits in with movies such as 2009’s Zombieland and 2015’s Funhouse Massacre.

Full of revelry and carnage, Zombie Spring Breakers has all the attitude that one can expect from such a film. With some of the mutilations resembling ones from 2015’s The Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse, one of the elements of Zombie Spring Breakers that falls a bit short is the prosthetics. For example, one of the most gruesome and ghastly scenes in the movie is almost ruined due to poor prosthesis design, although, it is still very cringe-worthy and grody.

Zombie Spring Breakers still.

While the script is not completely creative, the acting is superbly delivered by a young and enthusiastic cast including Cara Theobold (Crazyhead series, Absentia series) as Ellie, Emily Atack (Dad’s Army 2016, Tracey Ullman’s Show series) as Liz, Algina Lipskis (Natasha 2007, Telling Lies 2008) as Zara, Jordan Coulson (Cradle to Grave 2015, Hetty Feather 2015) as Alex, and Homer Todiwala (Penguin 2011, Mop, Bucket and Cape 2015) as Az.

Full of attitude and flare, one of the most memorable characters of the whole show has to be Big Jim played by Ed Kear (The Aliens series, Crims series). There is no downtime with this guy, from beginning to end his part is delivered with such spirit and animation. Furthermore, the direction of the story is a nice change to the mainstream movies that are flocking around this genre. It is good to know there can be a new Horror film with as little drama as possible. When watching Horror Comedy you want to laugh at the grisly, not to ooh and aww at the feelings between characters. Zombie Spring Breakers strikes that balance with a great, dark sense of humor. 

Zombie Spring Breakers still.

Overall, Zombie Spring Breakers has a little bit of everything for everyone. Except for drama, there is no time for that when you are fighting off zombies! There are laughs and shrieks. There are beaches and topless girls. Zombies and beer. If a Comedy is what you are craving with some zombies thrown in for good measure and gruesome entertainment, Zombie Spring Breakers is the way to go, Onward to Ibiza! A fun ride, CrypticRock gives Zombie Spring Breakers 4 out 5 stars.

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