Deep Purple = 1

Deep Purple – = 1 (Album Review)

Announcing back in April that they would be releasing their a brand new studio album entitled =1 later in 2024, Deep Purple officially thwarted any potential noise concerning their retirement from both touring or producing Rock-n-Roll music. Their first album of original tracks since 2020’s chart-topper Whoosh!, =1 ... Read More
Cobra Kai season 6 poster

Cobra Kai (Season 6 Part 1 Review)

The pop culture phenomenon of Cobra Kai has been an interesting one to watch develop over the last six years. Initially premiering through YouTube back in May of 2018,  Season 1 laid the foundation for continued storylines of easily recognized The Karate Kid film franchise characters Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) ... Read More
Oddity movie poster

Oddity (Movie Review)

Following 2020’s Caveat, Irish Director and Writer Damian McCarthy returns with his sophomore feature Oddity. Building on themes explored in his first film, Oddity is yet another supernatural tale that explores retribution, revenge and karma, all while exuding creepiness throughout. Set for release in theaters ... Read More