Sapiosexual (Movie Review)

There are weirder movie titles than Sapiosexual, though that does not make it any less curious. In general, it means someone who is sexually attracted to smart people. But in practice, it is usually used by someone who likes people who seem smart yet make ... Read More

Interview – Brad Anderson

A Connecticut native, Brad Anderson is a filmmaker with a very extensive body of work. Initially beginning his career directing Romantic Comedies such as 1998’s Next Stop Wonderland and 2000’s Happy Accidents, by 2001 Anderson was looking to broaden his horizons. Diving into the Psychological ... Read More

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (Movie Review)

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon has been around the film festival circuit since 2021. Winning three awards at the Venice Film Festival alone, now, thanks to Saban Films and Paramount Pictures, the film will reach US theaters, digital platforms and On Demand services on ... Read More

Agent Game (Movie Review)

The past year has been a busy time for Spy Thrillers. If one did not catch James Bond in No Time to Die, or Michael B. Jordan in Without Remorse, they could catch Chris Pine in The Contractor. Joining their ranks is Agent Game– a ... Read More

Ambulance (Movie Review)

Michael Bay (Bad Boyz 1995, Transformers 2007) is back, and he is going all classy with an adaptation of a European film. The 2005 Danish film Ambulancen by Lauritis Munch-Petersen (The Dolphin 2017) and Lars Andreas Petersen (Below the Belt 2006) to be precise. Only ... Read More

Interview – Moe Dunford

There are quite a few Irish actors who make a name for themselves on the international stage with standout performances. Unique to one another in their own way, a young and talented name which should be discussed is Mr. Moe Dunford. Known for his expectational ... Read More