The Pests Premiere “She Said Hi” Video on CrypticRock

Originating in New Orleans, LA, The Pests have been a band hard at work now for over two decades. With their unique mix of Punk Rock attitude and aggressive Rock sound, the band released their album A Damn Fine Mixture in 2014 and now are gearing up for a new record due out in 2016. Join forces with CrypticRock the band premiere their new video for the song “She Said Hi,” the first single to come from the bands their forthcoming material. Currently based out of NYC, the Pests are Steve Halprin  on vocals/guitar, Chuck Diesel on bass/vocals and Mazz-1 on drums. Watch the video below:

The video was written and directed by Caleb Michaelson of Dobie Media Productions, LLC. Mazz-1 stated “We have a unique relationship with Caleb and Dobie Media in that we totally trust their creative ability. Much like Steve Halprin is left alone to write the Pests music, I leave Caleb on his own for the video concepts. I want an outside idea untainted by the band’s opinion. More often than not, I know nothing about the video until it’s done. I believe in letting artists be artists. Caleb has been an unseen 4th honorary Pest for some time now. It all works because he has the same cynical and twisted view of the world that we do.” 

Michaelson himself stated “The inspiration for this video came at the 11th hour out of a bit of desperation coupled with exhaustion when the creative process really begins to flow without reservation. The band wasn’t available for this video and when that’s the case I usually create short narratives that loosely follow the song. The original concept for the video wasn’t going to work and I got together with my writing partner and I really felt the pressure to “out weird” the last music video (Pants On Fire) I did for The Pests. We came up with this character Jay-Michael Dubois and as we were recalling the terrible infomercials of the 90’s the idea came and I made the decision to make the video a long infomercial. I sent a copy of it to Mazz-1 with the told him, “I may have just directed the weirdest music video ever. I completely understand if you want to fire me after this.” Fortunately he loved it.” 

Essentially, the video is an entertaining, quirky piece to match the fun song. The weekend of Thanksgiving in New Orleans the band will perform a special as part of the annual Rock Art Circus – Giving Thanks to Native Americans, to pay tribute to and recognize the American Holocaust of Native Americans in New Orleans. This annual event continues in support of the United Houma Nation, where the United States Government will not recognize them as a Tribe! 504 Rock Art Circus is a movement of people supporting the underground art & music scene of New Orleans.

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