Tom Keifer rocks straight from the heart B.B. Kings NYC 5-5-15 w/ John Corabi

Tom Keifer rocks straight from the heart B.B. Kings NYC 5-5-15 w/ John Corabi

Life is filled with obstacles where one must dig deep inside themselves in order to overcome and take leadership while moving past their internal struggles. Cinderella vocalist/guitarist Tom Keifer, who in the beginning conquered his shyness and decided to pick up the microphone, in the early ’90s was told he would never be able to sing ever again due to a partially paralyzed vocal chord. Unwilling to give up so easily, Keifer spent years working on rehabilitative exercises and focusing on his personal goals and dedication to do what he loves; performing. Continuing to perform through the years, Kiefer never really has gone away, but in 2013 surprised all with his debut solo album The Way Life Goes. An album ten years in the making, there were many times Keifer feared it would never be completed, but thankfully for fans it did. Spending most of 2014 touring, Keifer is circling around North America again to support his new release, and he returned to New York City’s intimate B.B Kings Club on Tuesday May 5th, 2015. No stranger to the venue, Keifer appeared on the same stage on July 29th of last year, and judging by the size of the audience, New York was glad to see him back in town.

Supporting him that night for a solo acoustic set was former Union, The Scream, and Mötley Crüe singer, John Corabi. Corabi, no stranger to the music industry, has become known as a respected songwriter, singer, and guitarist, supporting several bands including Ratt. Currently on tour with his own band, Corabi has been celebrating the twenty year anniversary of the highly underrated 1994 album, Mötley Crüe. Supporting his friend Keifer, Corabi would change things up for a more intimate set of music as the talented songwriter casually sat down in front of an already packed house and lit up the room, reminding all of his 2012 Acoustic Unplugged album via Rat Pak Records.

Kicking off with the Union track “Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore),” Corabi sparked the bluesy vibe and let the crowd know that this was just the beginning for a night filled with loyal Hard Rock fans. Before performing the emotional “If I Ever Said Goodbye,” Corabi advised the crowd that whenever they leave their home, to make sure they let their loved ones know that they are loved, even if it is a pet; it was heartfelt and genuine, just like the tune. Corabi selected relatable tracks including, “Father, Mother, Son” which came from his years in The Scream. He is known to be a huge Aerosmith fan, so it came as no surprise that he performed a classic cover of “Seasons of Wither” from their 1974 album Get Your Wings. Shortly after, and for the first time performed live, he went into The Dead Daisies track “If I Could Only Sleep.” After the fun tracks, Corabi got personal and shared his love history in the song “Crash,” which is about his exes. Coming across very natural,  it made all in attendance feel comfortable and at ease. Not forgetting his supporters from the Mötley Crüe era, he also performed both “Misunderstood” and “Loveshine.” A nostalgic moment, Corabi’s friendliness continued as he gave Keifer a shoutout, expressing how he has known him for over thirty years before he closed his set with another track from The Scream titled “Man in the Moon.” Hopefully he will be back again soon after releasing his planned electronic album via Rat Pat Records. In the meantime, it was recently announced Corabi will in fact be the new vocalist of supergroup The Dead Daisies as they prepare their new album, Revolución, out later this year.

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After performing at the seventh annual M3 Rock Festival at the Merriweather Post Pavilion the prior weekend, Keifer was ready to take over New York City. Along with his touring band consisting of Tony Higbee (guitar), Bill Mercer (bass), Paul Simmons (drums), Paul Taylor (Keyboard), wife Savannah Keifer (backup vocals), and Kendra Chantelle (backup vocals), it was set to be a joyous music celebration fans could hardly wait to see.

Gathering as close to the front as fans could, Keifer and his band walked on stage and began on a heavy Blues Rock note with Cinderella’s “Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart at the Seams.” Giving the energetic crowd a taste of things to come, Keifer switched gears to his solo work, rocking out to his latest video hit “It’s Not Enough,” and softening down to the emotional “A Different Light.” It was obvious to all that Keifer was sincerely gracious for the support and he wanted to be there. Honored that throughout his ups and downs fans never left his side, he personally thanked all for sticking around for the last thirty years. Continuing to pour his heart and soul, Keifer gave all that he had during the arena vibe of Cinderella’s “Somebody Save Me” and the catchy, crowd-pleaser “Shake Me.”

Slowing down to an acoustic format, while engaging with the crowd, Keifer brought on his Country and Blues roots with the twenty-five year old Cinderella classic, “Heartbreak Station.” This historical track had the entire room singing along with tears of joy in their eyes. The acoustic momentum continued to flourish as Keifer went right into the personal solo track, “The Flower Song.” Open and honest with fans, Keifer conveyed that his solo album is a landscape of his own personal journey. He then introduced his wife, Savannah, and thanked her for helping him as they prepared to perform the poetic piece “Ask Me Yesterday.” This duet touched all hearts in the room as their full attention laid center stage on the couple collaboration. Cinderella’s timeless piece, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone),” was up next, however, this rendition between Mr. and Mrs. Keifer struck the audience as if they were falling in love again for the first time all over again.

Electrifying the audience, Keifer once more cranked up the amplifiers and took charge of the Cinderella classic “Nobody’s Fool.” Perhaps one of Rock radio’s most adored tracks, fans sang to each word happily. Keeping the performance balanced, he next strummed out his originals “Solid Ground” and “Cold Day in Hell,” which continued with the crowd singing and swaying along with the melody. Undeniably influenced by Classic Rock, Keifer moved back to the Blues, going into Cinderella’s “Coming Home,” followed with “Shelter Me,” where followers cheered, screamed, and reached to shake Keifer’s hand. Seeming as the night had come to a close, Keifer was not finished yet, as he returned for his encore and surprised all with the Rolling Stones cover of “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll.” Having everyone completely enthralled, he dedicated the track to his loyal fans, playing a cover of the Beatles, famously known by the late Joe Cocker, “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Filling the air with multiple voices, every single person in the room sang along as Keifer guitar dueled with Higbee. The ultimate finale had a few fans screaming at the top of their lungs when “Gypsy Road” began and wrapped up the stellar show.

Keifer only shows nothing but gratitude for his fans and knew how to put on a very satisfying show. Overwhelmed by the support, he even recorded a video clip of the crowd in the final moments of the show to keep as a memory of the night. Whether it be Cinderella tunes or Keifer’s thoughtful solo compositions, seeing him live is a treat for any Rock purist. He continues to tour throughout the Summer, sharing the stage with acts such as Bret Michaels, Sebastian Bach, and Queensrÿche, so be sure to make the trip out to see him.

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