Yellowcard – Childhood Eyes (EP Review)

Back in July of 2003, the Pop Punk band Yellowcard released what would be their fourth studio album, Ocean Avenue. “Way Away,” the album’s lead single, hit no. 25 on the top Modern Rock charts, and soon after Yellowcard found more fame than ever before. An interesting rise to success, Yellowcard actually formed in 1997, and through the years, have had a few pauses and reunions. Then to many fans’ excitement Yellowcard reunited once again in 2022, and now in 2023 are set to release the brand-new EP Childhood Eyes.

Set for release on Friday, July 21st through Equal Vision Records, the EP’s title-track was released back on June 1st. Accompanied by a music video, the track combines the old magic of Yellowcard in a modern way that makes anticipation for the EP even higher. Consisting of five songs in total, the EP includes two very cool guest spots, including Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil on “Three Minutes More” and Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessionals on “The Places We’ll Go.” This in mind, “Three Minutes More” leads off the new collection and it takes you back to the days of Ocean Avenue with heavy guitars and drums. On the other hand, the EP’s closer, “The Places We’ll Go,” sends you straight back to the Paper Walls in ’07 while Carrabba’s voice offers a cherry on top, thus flowing well with Ryan Key’s.

These two standout cuts explained, Childhood Eyes stay pretty heavy throughout all five songs, with the aforementioned title-track having some of the heaviest lines like, “If only I was the drug you did, stuck in a vein in your arm, then maybe you would’ve stuck around just like the addict you are.” Tugging at your heartstrings, on a lighter note “Hiding in the Light” is more of a plea to stay together but facing the fact that he (Ryan Key) was “driving in the dark,” while she was “hiding in the light.” This is while “Honest From The Jump” is one about love while featuring a softer violin tone and solo.

The band’s first release of new music since 2016’s self-titled album, Childhood Eyes is sure to keep you very intrigued. A great reintroduction to the band, it will take you back in the past a bit because it is sincere and keeps to Yellowcard’s sound. Hoping more is to come, Cryptic Rock gives Childhood Eyes 5 out of 5 stars.

Yellowcard – Childhood Eyes / Equal Vision Records (2023)


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