Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier

Angus & Julia Stone – Cape Forestier (Album Review)

Angus & Julia Stone 2024

From The Everly Brothers to The Kinks, Oasis, and beyond… there is something unique about siblings who create music together. Scientifically a part of their genetics to be within the same range, another fascinating sibling musical group to emerge in more recent times are Australia’s Angus & Julia Stone. Brought up in a household with music surrounding them, ironically it would not be until they were in their early twenties that they decided to collaborate together performing together.

Already having the foundation as individual songwriters, as well as with their upbringing, their unification quickly picked up steam, leading to their signing a record deal and releasing their debut album A Book Like This in 2007. An album which peaked in Australian charts, and has since reached platinum status in Australia, the years to follow have been filled with plenty of high points. Following up with Down the Way in 2010, their 2014 self-titled album really captured the world, while 2017’s Snow earned plenty of praise as well. Then, diverting in a different path, 2021’s Life is Strange was actually created as a soundtrack to a video game called Life Is Strange: True Colors. Quite different, yet no less compelling musically, now in 2024 Angus & Julia Stone are set to return with Cape Forestier.

What is to be their fifth overall studio album together, Cape Forestier will be available through Nettwerk Records, and comes with a total of 12 songs. Set for release on May 10th, several of the album tracks had already been floating around airwaves since the earlier part of the year; starting with “The Wedding Song” in February, the title-track in March, “Losing You” in April, before “No Boat No Aeroplane” emerged most recently on May 2nd. All pretty much fitting examples of what you might expect from Angus & Julia Stone, the mood is inviting, relaxed, and filled with irresistible melodies.

These early previews of Cape Forestier presented, the remainder of the record goes in different directions where the emotions felt in each song is unique, but unified by the siblings’ sensational ability to charm you like a snake. Mesmerizing thanks to their voices sharing the space in most tracks, their blend of Folk Rock and Americana is truly second to none, while the songwriting itself is impeccable. Having a lot going for them, a lot of songs on Cape Forestier stand out, but some are bold bullet points which should be discussed as a reference. Among these you would have to turn to the astoundingly cool “Down To The Sea,” which includes a perfect guitar melody, the upbeat “I Want You,” and lovely harmonization as heard on “Somehow.”

Overall, Cape Forestier is yet another smooth collection of songs from Angus & Julia Stone which find a happy place between Folk Rock and Pop Rock that naturally entices your senses. Growing as musicians through the years, their songwriting intertwined together in a way that checks any egos at the door, and only concentrates what makes most sense for the songs. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Cape Forestier 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier
Angus & Julia Stone – Cape Forestier / Nettwerk Records (2024)

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