Cheap Trick Rock NYCB Theatre at Westbury 8-24-13

Cheap Trick are a legendary rock n roll band from Rockford Illinois. Having been together nearly 40 years the band has compiled 16 studio albums over that time, numerous massive rock n roll hits, and international success. Actively touring, the band stopped at NYCB Theatre At Westbury on August 24, 2013. 

A large crowd of dedicated rock n roll fans gathered to see Cheap Trick light up the stage. Many fans in attendance took part in a meet and greet with the band prior to the show and were already excited to meet Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, and Tom Peterson. One in particular individuals which grabbed our attention were a father and son who were ecstatic to just take a photograph in front of the stage set up of Cheap Trick with guitar amps and drum kit in the background. Throughout the set this father and son combination sang along passionately with each song. This is a testament to Cheap Trick and rock n roll that music is timeless and unites us in special ways.

As Cheap Trick hit the stage they opened appropriately with “Hello There”. Robin Zander belted out the words, dressed in a police officer costume adding a great visual touch. The crowd responded positively with a roar and ready for an evening of rock. Showering the crowd with a deep assortment of the bands rock tracks over the years the energy level was consistent throughout the set. Rick Nielsen guitar playing amplified through the audience and reminded fans of the band’s larger than life riffs. Rick Nielsen still has a magnificent stage presence with a variety of facial expressions, moving freely around the stage, and engaging the crowd.

By the time the band performed “California Man” all in attendance were bopping away, playing air guitar and on their feet. Proving to be an evening of excitement already the guys broke out the track “Tell Me Everything”. This was indeed a special rendition as the song has not been played live by Cheap Trick in 20 years. Keeping fans on their feet they performed their 1980’s hit ballad “The Flame”. Keeping the hits rolling they went right into their feel good hit “I Want You To Want Me”. Closing out the set was possibly one of the most synonymous tracks associated with Cheap Trick “Dream Police”. Hungry for more the crowd cheered and of course Cheap Trick came back out on set for an encore including the timeless rock classic “Surrender”.

Cheap Trick are definitely a special rock-n-roll band. With their arena rock sound and powerful songs which remain timeless all these years later. Most have seen Cheap Trick live before, for some this was their first, and all left with a smile on their face.

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  • They really are one of the best bands to see in the live sense based on all the hits, all the history and just all the inspiration they have offered up on building a career in Rock and Roll music. Wish they had decided to play the city as well instead of the Summer outdoor event in Brooklyn.

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