Slaves Play special off-date at GameChangerWorld in Howell, NJ 5-26-14

img 8089 - Slaves Play special off-date at GameChangerWorld in Howell, NJ 5-26-14

Slaves Play special off-date at GameChangerWorld in Howell, NJ 5-26-14

In the midst of touring with Hands Like Houses, Miss Fortune, and Alive Like Me, Slaves put their day off Monday May 26th to good use while playing a special show at GameChangerWorld in Howell, NJ.  As the newest project by vocalist Jonny Craig, formerly of Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa, Slaves is an exciting new project showing a variety of styling from progressive rock to experimental elements.  Craig, being an extremely talented musician, is looking to put the issues of his past behind him and is doing so with powerful music and dedicating his passion to creating it for his fans.  Teaming up with a new band consisting of lead guitarist Alex Lyman, rhythm guitarist Christopher Kim, drummer Tai Wright , and bassist Andrew Mena, Slaves is set to release their debut album Through Art We Are All Equals later this month.

Taking the stage as a new man, Craig never sounded so good.  Playing the single “Starving For Friends” and Pierce The Veil’s “She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty”, the passion was felt in each note performed.   Craig openly apologizes to all the close friends and fans he had done wrong and emotional stated “It’s for anyone I’ve screwed over”.  Playing six of the ten songs off Through Art We Are All Equals, including the singles “The Fire Down Below” and “The Upgrade, Pt 2”, this could be some of Craig’s best work to date.  The singles alone have topped iTunes charts since their release and anticipation is riding high for the June 24th release date of the album.

Spending time with friends and fans before and after his performance, Craig took the time to speak personally with many.  Taking photos with every single person who came out to the show, Craig shook hands and showed the personality of a changed person.  Through love for music, Slaves will lift Craig into a new stratosphere in life.   Slaves continues on their tour with Hands Like Houses before heading out on The All Stars Tour later this summer, so go check them out and see for yourself!



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