2:Hrs (Movie Review)

Three best friends, two hours on the clock, and one (chicken) bucket list. What could possibly go wrong? In the new family-friendly Adventure flick 2:Hrs, a trio of teens race through London to beat the clock. 4Digital Media delivers the film to VOD and Digital ... Read More

Tangent Room (Movie Review)

There is a psychological paradox that states that if you put problem solvers into a situation they know nothing about and place time constraints upon them, they will produce better results. Insert some quantum mechanics into this equation and you have the basic recipe for ... Read More

Chimera (Movie Review)

Chi·me·ra /kīˈmirə/ a mixture of genetically different tissues, an illusory hope for immortality. There is a veritable plethora of weird science in this world and the latest Science Fiction/Thriller, entitled Chimera, hashes out the controversy over human stem cells, raising philosophical questions about humanity and ... Read More