Combichrist CMBRST

Combichrist – CMBRST (Album Review)

Combichrist 2024

Led by Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist has become an institution of the Industrial music scene throughout the years. Formed in 2003, initially known for his work in Futherpop band Icon of Coil, Combichrist became a new endeavor for LaPlegua, and it has continuously grown ever since. In fact, Combichrist has taken on a life all its own and the fanbase has steadily grown over the last two plus decades with the constant release of new music. All part of their story, it is however the consistent intensity of their live shows which has truly cemented their legacy. That is why with a history of their prior albums and performances, it is not surprising to learn that the band’s latest studio album is just as their tenth studio album is just as fierce and potent.

Marking the 10th overall Combichrist album, and 5th in the more heavy guitar driven direction, CMBRST was released on May 17, 2024 Out Of Line Music via Rough Trade/Believe. The first since 2019’s One Fire, joining LaPlegua this time around is Eric13 (guitars), Elliot Berlin (keyboards/percussion), Dane White (drums), and Jamie Cronander (guitars/keyboards/percussion). A solid cast, as mentioned, CMBRST is another select strong on the Metal side of the aisle. However, it does not lack any of the usual harsher Industrial that are typical of Combichrist. This in mind, the vocals by and large a little more in the background that some may be used to, plus the more dance floor tunes are a little more rare as well. 

 Important to mention, this difference heard on CMBRST only adds to the gloominess and depth to the sound, factors which make it something special. It all begins strong and heavy with “Children of Violence,” followed by “D for Demonic” which brings along a new level of chaos and speed. From here “Not My Enemy” has a similar vibe to 2016’s “Without Emotions,” especially with the opening two lines. However, further in this particular track there might be a few more Combichrist elements that come to mind. “Northern Path” on the other hand is a very emotional song that digs deep underneath the skin and adds a different dynamic to the overall listening experience here.

Any way you slice it, when listening to CMBRST it feels as if all of the songs are very from the core of Andy LaPlegua artistic vision. Whether it is the vigor of hate, despair or frustration of each note, you can feel the emotions tingle on your skin while listening. Featuring a dark, distorted sound, combined with unique vocals, CMBRST has an undeniable atmosphere that Cryptic Rock gives 5 out of 5 stars. 

Combichrist CMBRST
Combichrist – CMBRST / Out of Line Music (2024) 

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