Tenebrae (4K UHD + Blu-ray Set Review)

By the time 1982 rolled around, Italian Filmmaker Dario Argento had already left a pretty significant impact on the Horror genre with movies that included 1975’s Deep Red, and of course, 1977’s Suspiria. Films artfully executed with more emphasis on the atmosphere and mood rather than various other ... Read More

Dark Glasses (Movie Review)

To the true Horror fan there are a few film directors who are considered maestros of the genre. This list would most undoubtedly include the late George A. Romero and Wes Craven, John Carpenter, but also Italian Filmmaker Dario Argento. Beginning in cinema in the ... Read More

Francesca (Movie Review)

The Giallo film has been enjoying something of a comeback in recent years. It seems everyone wants to pay homage to Giallo megaliths such as Dario Argento (Opera 1987, Suspiria 1977), Mario Bava (Five Dolls For An August Moon 1970, Bay Of Blood 1971), and ... Read More